Nying-Jey Projects for Tibetan Communities was established in March 2002.

The idea for Nying-Jey Projects began in the late 1990s when Geshe Sonam was teaching in his home town area of Ganzi, east Tibet after completing his studies at Sera Monastery in India. He and the abbot of Ganzi Monastery shared concerns about the conditions in Ganzi. They recognised the desperate need to educate the local children and provide affordable medical care and services for all.

In 2001 some Australians heard about his plans and ideas and travelled to Ganzi to view the situation there first hand. They visited the medical clinic and a recently established primary school.  The visitors were very moved by the poor conditions and urgent needs of the people.

On their return to Australia these volunteers oversaw the establishment of Nying-Jey Projects, and in March 2002 the aid organisation was formally established.

In April 2003, Nying-Jey Projects supporters visited the school and medical clinic in Ganzi. The impact and positive change from the sponsorship programs and donations from Nying-Jey Projects was already apparent.  The Nying-Jey Projects committee assessed the conditions, and future needs and priorities were ascertained.

In 2021, Nying-Jey Projects shifted focus from sponsorships in Tibet to supporting Tibetans living in India.

Nying-Jey Projects continues its main functions of accepting and sending sponsorship and donation monies, and assisting sponsors and beneficiaries communicate with each other through translated letters.  It has continued to maintain a steady increase in sponsorships since commencement.