Nying-Jey Projects has several active projects running which are all designed to support our aims for the Tibetan communities in India.

Student Sponsorship
Provides financial support to children to attend primary and secondary school and gain a good education.

Nun Sponsorship
Provides financial support for nuns in nunneries, to enable them to have enough for food and clothes.

Monk/Student Sponsorship (India)
Provides financial support to monks at monasteries in southern India, to enable them to pursue their monastic studies comfortably.

Medical Emergency Fund
Provides funds to assist monks, nuns and students with medical expenses when a need arises. Donations received are sent to selected beneficiaries who are ill and unable to pay for their medical services. It is life saving for some and has improved the quality of life for others.

It can provide financial relief for individuals in these communities who have incurred large debts as a result of requiring medical care and who do not have access to the economic opportunities to discharge the debt by themselves.