Contact Sponsored Person

Contacting your Sponsored Person

–COVID-19 update–

In the current environment, mail is taking a very long time to get through to Ganzi for distribution. If you would like to contact your sponsored student, nun, monk, please contact our office and we can get your message through electronically.

We encourage you to get to know your student, nun or monk, and learn about their situation and their daily lives.

Write as soon as you can after confirmation of your sponsorship. We suggest that you write first to break the ice and introduce yourself.

Tell your new friend about yourself – about your family, where you live, your occupation, and what is happening in your life. They will be very interested to know who you are.

Not too much information at once though. Photos are always welcome.

It’s important when writing to Tibet to keep to personal subject matter, avoiding any politically sensitive issues, especially mention of His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Sponsors may send  e-copies of your mail to which will be forwarded on to Ganzi. All mail must clearly identify a student or nun with the correct ID number.


Unfortunately, NJP is no longer able to offer translation of mail into Tibetan.

BUT ... it’s OK to send your letter to Tibet in English. Many older students in Ganzi are studying English and can help with translation.

Send a parcel directly to Tibet

Send your parcel to Ganzi using the address labels above.

Parcels going to Tibet usually arrive safely. You will be advised when your mail arrives in Ganzi.

What to send

Students Gifts of clothing, stationery, toys, books, Australiana – things a child of the same age in Australia would like.

Nuns Warm clothing (maroon/brown colour), – polar fleece blankets, jackets, socks, hats; or stationery, soaps, towels etc.

Sending mail from Ganzi is difficult.

In Ganzi, the people must apply at the police station for a permit to buy a stamp, and explain why they are sending international mail.

This is very intimidating, and a little dangerous, for ordinary Tibetan villagers. We are trying to set up systems for sending bulk mail outs from Ganzi.

So please don’t abandon your student if you don’t hear from them; it may be too difficult or even dangerous for them to write back every time. They are receiving the benefits of your sponsorship and are most grateful for it, even if they can’t always tell you.

The most important thing with all correspondence is REMEMBER to write the ID NUMBER with the address.


The monks and students in India can usually find someone to translate or write for them.

So you can write to you monk or student in English.

India addresses

For pre-2011 registrations, your beneficiary’s address should be on your registration form.

Newer sponsors of India students and monks will be provided with this information in their welcome/information pack. If you are not sure about where to send mail to India, please contact Nying-Jey Projects for information about addressing mail your beneficiary.

Sera Jey Monastery
PO Bylakuppe 571104
District Mysore, Karnataka State

Gyumed Tantric University
PO Gurupura 571188
Hunsur Taluk
District Mysore, Karnataka State

Sending Parcels to Monks & India students

It is difficult to ensure that parcels sent to India will actually reach their destination. Best results come when you know of someone travelling to South India, who will deliver your parcel in person.

OR you can simply add the occasional gift of a little extra money with your regular payment.

Please don’t give up if you don’t hear from your beneficiary. Letters to/from India don’t always get through.