Monks/Students (India)

The monks are mostly born in Tibet, and are now refugees based in monasteries in southern India. These monks have few resources and rely on the monastery for their daily needs. They live in shared rooms with no heating or cooling. The monasteries cannot afford to provide medical or dental care. Sponsorship enables a monk to improve his standard of living – more comfortable accommodation, better diet, and provides funds to make offerings and purchase materials for studies. Included in this group are children, most related to monks, who have been sent to India to receive a Tibetan education.

Monasteries in India
CIH – Central Institute of Tibetan Study
DGC – Dre-Gomang College
DRE – Drepung Monastery
GAJ – Gajang Tehor Lama Camp
GTU – Gyumed Tantric University
JCN – Janschub Choeling Nunnery Camp 3
LAX – Laxshimepura
SJM – Sera Je Monastery
TRC – Tibetan Reception Centre, Dharamsala

Students in India currently waiting for a sponsor (See Monks below)

These children are relatives of monks who have come from Tibet to be educated. They are being looked after by their monk brothers, uncles or cousins, and attend school in the Tibetan settlements.

Monks currently waiting for a sponsor