Nuns (Tibet)

The nuns are extremely poor and in desperate need of support. They live in isolated nunneries located in the Ganzi valley. Sponsorship monies make a great difference to the nuns, as they generally receive less local support than do monks.

Payments are held in trust by the nunnery management and used to improve the health, accommodation and opportunities to access higher level teachings for all the nuns. They are used for the nuns’ benefit, and not for materials that would normally be paid for by the nunnery.

It is hard to emphasise enough just how appreciative the nuns are of the support they receive from us.

Nunneries in the Ganzi valley:
NBA – Baroona
NGA – Gaden Choeling
NGY – Gyawanta
NNY – Nyimo
NTK – Thang Kang
NTR – Trarka
NYA – Yarti

Nuns currently waiting for a sponsor