Tertiary (Tibet)

This is for young men and women who have completed their secondary school education and want to proceed to tertiary studies.

We suggest support of $40 a month for university students. This cost includes fees, books, food and lodging, as the students  are required to travel to and board in the larger cities, where the universities are located. Tertiary education is financially out of the reach of these students. Some tertiary students are sponsored directly by individual sponsors. Nying-Jey Projects also receives donations to the Tertiary Scholarship fund, through which other students are supported. Most of the courses run from 3 to 4 years.

There are three universities favoured by the students at this time:

  • Chengdu University in Chengdu
  • Khampa University in Kangding
  • Shinee University in Shibay

Students currently waiting for a sponsor