Tibetan Monks Visit

Celebrating Losar – Tibetan New Year celebration February 19 – puja

Monks prepare the offerings table ahead of the the Losar celebration puja (prayer ceremony) at Drol Kar Buddhist Centre.

The puja was attended by members of the Drol Kar Buddhist Centre.

The celebration also included prayers in the gardens and the Tibetan tradition of flour throwing to send good wishes for the new year out into the world.

Multicultural Ceremony at Paraparap – Dedication of Kuan Yin statue

Visiting monks Geshe Phuntsok Tsering and Geshe Tsoda Gonpo were kept very busy for two days setting up the Tibetan setting tent in the grounds and the Drol Kar temple. The cause of this activity was a multicultural event to dedicate the newly installed statue of Kuan Yin, the east Asian manifestation of Compassion.

On Saturday 15 April, representatives from several Buddhist Centres attended a unique ceremony at Drol Kar Buddhist Centre. Twenty monks, nuns and almost a hundred supporters from Tibetan, Vietnamese and Chinese Centres joined in a colourful session of prayers and speeches in the gardens at Paraparap, watched over by the giant statue of on the high ground of the large dam on the property.

The ceremonials were followed by a lunch featuring western, Vietnamese and Chinese foods.

Puja at Tara Institute in Melbourne

Geshes Sonam, Phuntsok and Tsoda from Paraparap participate in a ceremonial prayer session or puja held at Tara Institute in Brighton.

The puja was held to mark the passing of esteemed teacher, and Tibetan master, Lama Zopa, who passed away recently. Prayers for the dead are recited at seven-day intervals for a period of 49 days, according to Tibetan tradition, to to help the spirit of the deceased towards a fortunate rebirth.