Drolma’s Report of Voluntary Teaching

Report of voluntary teaching

This is our first time to organize a vocation voluntary teaching as colleague students. Although we don’t have any experience before, but we got many helps from others, the first was Geshe , because of his help ,we just had courage to do it, and with the support of NJP ,we can keep do it ,so thanks a lot. By the way, during the teaching time we also got many helps from the leaderships of the villages nearby, and the supports of students’ families, and we all very appreciate it.

The village leaderships and students’ families support and help, it is thanks to their encouragement.

In this voluntary teaching time, there were 17 college students to be teachers and there were nearly 300 students which included the senior school students, junior school students, and pupils and preschool students altogether there were 7 classes. We prepared 6 lessons for each class every day. We taught Tibetan, English, Mathematics, History and Geography for the senior school and junior school students; because we think they will face the college entrance exam soon, so it will be more help to give the classes connect to the exam. And for the primary and preschool students because of their age we only teach them Tibetan, Chinese and English. Our class lasted 16 days which was started from January 20th, 2012 to February 4th, 2012. Minus the day we give off and the last day we gave rewards, so we have teaching classes for 14 days totally. Plus we want to say thanks to NEJ again, because of his financial support we are able to buy the stationeries and books for all the students, and hope it’s would help the students study more harder.

Our classes were beginning from 9am to 5pm every day, and around 12am we will give the students about 1hour to have their lunches. Most of the students were eating their lunches at the school; they brought their lunches from home when they came to the school in the morning. Because these students lived little far from school, so there isn’t sufficient time for them to go back and have lunches. So we decided to make tea for them every morning. And the volunteers who doesn’t have class were in charge for this. We also invited some Geshe to give some lessons to the volunteers  about Buddhism knowledge during the teaching free time. But it couldn’t continue cause of the sensibility of the politic.

The most gratifying is that the volunteers tried their best to teach the students in case to make each student like to study and every student learning seriously during the period.

Finally from deep of my heart, I want to represent all of the students and families to say thanks for your helps. And all the students and the families are very appreciated for your help and asked me to pass on their feeling of grateful to you. It not only because of the money that you applied, but also the chance you offered us to practice our dream and we would never have such encouragement without you. Besides we all feel the concerning that you pay on the education of our hometown, which is immeasurable in price. As a result except the students we as volunteers  also have learned many things which we couldn’t learn in the high school or even in the colleague. We think there is no doubt for us to do something for our own hometown or birthplace, even though it’s too small to mention.

Besides, we are very lucky to have the local elementary school be borrowed for our teaching. And this is the first time for all the students of our township gather in one school and have the class together; it’s include the undergraduate students of our town. Every kid is so lovely that we like all of them and their laughter still wandering in my mind. It’s just like a sweet dream that we live together and study together. It does also remind us our early memory which is in common with theirs.

Although 15 days is not long, but during these time we did what we want to do. And did what we need to do as our duty. We born here and grew up here, and this is the place where we belong. Even future is unpredictable, but I can guarantee no matter what kind of job would I do, who would I become, where would I go, this will be the place I loved most and concerned most, and whenever, whatever, however I will come back for it whenever it needs me. Whenever the people lived here needs me.

We made a plan to give such teaching every year, and will try our best to do it. And we know that our ability is too small, but we think if we can get the encouragement and passionate from the students and families and others, it will be easier for us to make it. Especially the students-self, because if no one want to learn who do we need to teach.

Thanks again sincerely.

From Drolma