Ethan: A little thought about being teacher during the holiday

A little thought about being teacher during the holiday.

My name is Ethan, I am 24 years old, as the age that others were earning money in case to loosing the burden of the families, but I am still a student. This is my second year as a graduate student. I got a good chance to go to the school since I was 5. And I am very appreciating that I wasn’t the one of many boys who need to do the housework instead of study at my hometown in their young ages. So I always felt lucky about it.

When my home mate asked me to be an English teacher for 15 days during the holiday, my first reaction is puzzled; because I have no experience of being a teacher, so I don’t know if I can do it. But after she explained that she plans to give extra class to the students who live around her home during the holiday and the teachers would all be college students, I change my attitude then. Some years ago I have got a chance to study English in a sponsored program and my teacher are all foreigners, so I think I am able to teach English, and meanwhile I think when one got the chance to gain the knowledge when others haven’t, he or she should share it with other, otherwise it will only benefit oneself. Nowadays even though people’s life is getting better and better in my hometown, but the education not paced same level. If you see that the high school students carry English books which are for primary school students in other place you would feel how worse the English level is in my hometown. The other reason I accepted the offer is that once when I was a high school boy I didn’t have the chance for extra class during the holiday time like these days. So I decided to give a try.

There are near 200 students in the school, they are all coming from the villages near by the school. And I was in charge for two class’s English lessons, senior school students and junior school students.

For the senior high school students:

When I step in the classroom for my first class I select a reading paragraph to test their English levels, and in case to prepare my lessons, after my first class I decide to teach them some easy grammar and vocabulary, I thought it would be useful to them as they need to face the university entrance exam. And I also tried let’s them write short essay after every my class. Because I think the academic environment in my hometown block the way of study English, nobody are used to write things, speak things in English as they are learning it. Also I want them feel the way of study English. But things are not that easy, after three or four days I found it doesn’t work for them. So I change my plan. Firstly they think grammars are boring. Second, no one wants to recite the words I asked to after the class. Third, when they write essay as homework they really did it like homework for me, some are only write two or three sentences, not many students really did it seriously. Mostly I can’t understand what they are writing about; it makes me have to check it with them one by one. As I did it time was insufficient. So I change my plan, this time I tried teach them conversation, through the conversation I select the grammar and vocabulary in it, and learning the grammar and vocabulary during the time we were learning the conversation. I think it would get less boring than before. After some days I see it work little. But effect is not obvious. Honestly when I decided to give some teaching I really looking forwards to see some effects from them after 15 days, but I was wrong it’s hard for a student to learn some things in a 15 days, especially for the other language.

For the class of Junior school students.

For this class mainly I planned them some things from the book “elementary ABC” this book is for beginning level. The words and grammars in the book are easier, and I didn’t have them write any essay in English, but some phrases from the book. The reason is I think they have more time than the senior students. To get more familiar with more new words would be very helpful when they get to the high school, and I tried my best to change the way many teacher does, which is using the whole time to explain, I think that would make the students gets boring and lose the interesting about studying. I tried to let’s them speak more and teach them English songs, play games, I hope I can make them like to study English as they are study the songs and say something in English, but time still was the biggest problem. As the 42 students say a sentence one by one there only have few minutes left.

During the teaching days I felt very depressing and glad at the same time. To be depressing is because of the academic environment, students only can get the information from teacher as they study, and to be glad is because I saw the awareness of the importance about studies. Parents are paying more attention to the education than housework; students are eagle for the knowledge, and more opportunity for studying.

Anyway wither the students did learn something from me, I tried my best. And I like all the students in my class if there is a chance for teaching them I will still coming for teaching you, but I hope the teaching time would be longer and students will be fewer in one classroom.